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Specialist Flooring

Durable, easy to clean, low maintenance and safe

Euro Contracts have over 10 years of practical knowledge and understanding of the contract flooring industry, enabling our company to offer the most competitive and effective service for all our installations or flooring renewals.

Since 2001 we have built up a strong customer/client base through our excellent service delivery, which has allowed us to offer excellent Value for Money to all our customers.

There are two key elements to our success with all our floor ranges.

Firstly, the wide range of choice of the appropriate flooring systems to meet the performance, appearance, safety and budget criteria for all our clients. Secondly, the quality of both the materials offered and the installation.

Euro Contracts can help with advice on the choice of flooring specially designed for high-risk environments, where anti-slip flooring is extremely important, and designed to be safer for shower areas and walkways that have greater anti-slip properties. All of which can be installed on request.

As Health & Safety is important within all shower areas and walkways, most of these areas need anti-slip flooring installed to some degree. Whilst this is may be a very essential product feature, you may also want your floor to be decorative.

Euro Contracts has an extensive range of anti-slip flooring products to choose from, and will consider all your product requirements helping you to specify an anti-slip surface that meets your requirements E.g. decorative, durable, easy to clean, low maintenance.

This means you can achieve an anti-slip flooring solution without compromising on other product features.