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Level Access / Wet Rooms

Level access, walk in showers and wet rooms

If you find that getting into the shower area is getting increasingly more difficult or perhaps you require the use of a wheelchair, or other assistance, then a level access shower, walk in or open shower area is for you or your client base.

There are some great alternatives from wet room design, walk in showers where we use market leading products like complete level access trays which allows the user unrestricted access to the showering area, as there are no tripping hazards, making these showers safer and ideal for elderly customers and people with limited mobility or visual impairment.

Complete level access and walk in showers maximise the bathroom space, making for easy wheelchair access, especially in more confined bathroom areas where space is more limited for the user. Combined with various additions i.e. shower seat and grab rails they make for a solution that is stylish and practical.

We supply and fit all bathroom accessories inclusive of grab rails, shower seats, chairs and cubicles. All our supply chain shower trays are anti-slip and even made from recyclable materials as we believe safety and sustainability is paramount to all clients, our installations of shower trays have an antibacterial coating ensuring a fully hygienic shower area as we see this being paramount to our services and end users.

Our level access installations are designed to meet the circumstances of your bathroom and any occupational recommendations, and making every effort in utilising either gravity waste or pumped waste technology.