Community Work

Euro Contracts Community work program aims to help the community we serve

Community / Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that contributing to the economic, environmental and social well-being of the communities where we live and work is not only our responsibility, but our obligation.

Community relationships are an integral part of our business since the communities where we work usually have a large impact on society, on a local scale.

Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility does not mean compromising our business standards or values. It means taking a fresh approach to our objectives, in order to reduce the social and environmental impacts of business, and meet the needs of our customer’s. Euro Contracts aspire to lay the foundations in all partnerships for a sustainable future in the communities in which we work.

Local Labour

Employing local technicians meets our sustainability objectives and is beneficial in service delivery terms, particularly as regards flexible working hours. The chances of someone being able and willing to stay late improve if there is no long journey. Also, booking local employees for early appointments is more reliable because there are fewer traffic/transport issues.

Commitment to Apprenticeship Programs

A commitment to apprenticeships provides us with the luxury of a work-force in waiting. We have had an apprenticeship programme for over ten years.

Focus Groups

We use focus groups within contracts to good effect and will request guidance from Clients, on local groups who may be receptive to an approach. We are conscious that it is through focus groups and discussion in the wider community, that we can gain a general impression of community requirements.

St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, London, has benefitted from a range of high-performance shower screens, supplied by AKW – the market leader in independent living solutions – following difficulties that residents and carers had encountered with a low-quality alternative which had previously been installed.

Euro Contracts and AKW lend a helping hand to St Joseph’s hospice in Hackney.

St Joseph’s hospice had reassessed their facilities and requirements, establishing there was a need for an update.

The hospice contacted AKW and requested an approved and trusted contractor to install a series of shower screen doors that had been improperly fitted by a previous contractor.

AKW immediately contacted disabled adaption specialist and trusted installation partner Euro Contracts to help them solve St Joseph’s serious problem. All 35 screens needed to be replaced; Euro Contracts very generously offered to fit the screens free of charge.